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LGB ("Lehmann Gross Bahn" or "Lehmann's Big Train") originated the large-scale garden railroading industry. Eberhard and Wolfgang Richter unveiled LGB in 1968, a product of the Nürnberg, Germany, company Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk. The extensive LGB program focuses on a cohesive whole rather than strict adherence to scale, to the irritation of many modelers. Most of our rolling stock is made by LGB, and we have both American and European models. We also have some models under the LGB TOYTRAIN brand, a less-detailed and less-expensive line aimed at children.

In 2006, Lehmann became insolvent and its assets were sold to Märklin, another German model train manufacturer. LGB of America, which was founded in 1987 as an LGB subsidiary and became an independent company in 2006, had previously provided distribution and service in North America. They were replaced by Walthers in late 2008 after a long trademark dispute between Märklin and LGB of America.


Aristo-Craft, based in New Jersey, USA, started producing model trains in the late 1980s under the direction of the Polk family. Their catalog focused on American prototypes and paid much closer attention to scale than LGB. Aristo-Craft shut down at the end of 2013, though a subset of its product line is being continued by Polk's GeneratioNeXt.

We are quite happy with our Aristo-Craft rolling stock and its high level of detail and lower prices have made it the second-best-represented manufacturer on our layout.


Bachmann, based in Hong Kong, entered the large-scale train market in 1990. Like Aristo-Craft, Bachmann makes American models. We have only one piece of Bachmann rolling stock, but it is one of our favorites.

USA Trains

USA Trains, based in Massachusetts, USA, was founded in 1987 and produces American outline trains. It is run by Charles Ro, Sr., and his son, Charles Ro, Jr.


We do have a few pieces of rolling stock that we don't know the manufacturers of.