Gustav Handcart

Gustav Handcart
Class:Other Locomotive
Model Number:2001
Road Name:None
This little thing can provide a lot of help around a railroad. Its small enough so it can easily get into small places and fix problems. It can go out on its own to fix things or it can assist a larger maintenance train. We don't run the handcart very much, since there is not much it can do, besides just driving around. The model has one can motor, no lights, and no coupler. The coupler is probably the most annoying thing about it. If it needs to bring something with it to fix something, such as a crane car, it can't do it on its own, unless it pushes it, which isn't very safe, for the car or the driver. One of the best features of the handcart is that, as the motor runs, it moves the handle, that moves the man's arms. This makes it seem that the driver is powering the handcart, and is pretty believable. We do not have any problems with the handcart, and we hope we never will.