Pennsylvania Caboose

Pennsylvania Caboose
Class:Other Car
Model Number:4065
Road Name:Pennsylvania Railroad
The Pennsylvania Caboose always brings up the rear of a train. Its enclosed space gives room for an office or a sleeping area, and the high cupola gives workers a view of the entire train. The caboose can usually be found at the end of the E&A Express Deluxe, pulled by the Pennsylvania Engine and the Stainz Engine. We also sometimes have it behind freight or maintenance trains, but this task is usually performed by the search light car. The model features brass handrails and roof struts, ladders, and roof walks. We had to install the light ourselves. The caboose runs under the "Pennsylvania Railroad" roadname. Our only problem with the caboose is the extreme lack of detail in the interior. The doors don't even open. Cabooses themselves can be found at almost every railroad, usually scenic or historic ones, trailing behind passenger or freight trains. Cabooses come in many shapes and sizes, but they all do the same thing. The Caboose has served the railroad well for many years, and we can only hope that it will for many more to come.