Second Class Pennsylvania Combine

Second Class Pennsylvania Combine
Class:Passenger Car
Model Number:3081
Road Name:Pennsylvania Railroad
The second class combine gives passenger and cargo space. Half of the space is for people, which is just like the second class coach, and the other half is for cargo. The combine gives comfort at a good price, since the interior is not as fancy as the first class combine. The usual train is the E&A Express Deluxe, which is pulled by the Pennsylvania Engine and the Stainz Engine. We installed the lighting in all of the coaches, which adds a level of realism when running the trains at night. We have started to fill all of the coaches with people, however we don't have that many right now. The doors are spring loaded, so you can open them and they will close themselves. The interior is very detailed, and even includes a bathroom and a stove. The only problem we have with the coach is that the railings are slightly flimsy, but that's small compared to the benefit of the combine.