North Western Stock Car

North Western Stock Car
Class:Freight Car
Model Number:46102
Road Name:North Western
This stock car gives a lot of space for transporting animals. This car is found on a variety of freight trains, pulled by a variety of engines. The stock car has openings so animals can breath and so that there is light coming in. This model is under the "Northern Western" road name. The model features moving doors, handrails, roof walks, and many other details all over the boxcar. There is also a lot of lettering on the outside, including the specifications for the boxcar. The interior is empty, allowing many things to be placed inside. The stock car itself is used on many railways around the world to move animals from one place to another. It is also can be used on farm railways to move animals around for one reason or another, such as taking cows out to graze and bringing them back again. We have not had any problems with the stock car, and we hope never to have any.