US Army Piggyback Flat Car

US Army Piggyback Flat Car
Class:Freight Car
Model Number:46520
Road Name:United States Army
The US Army Piggyback Flat Car is a one of a kind transport. Its two, detachable trailers can carry all sorts of supplies for the Army to use. The car is usually one a variety of freight trains, pulled by a variety of engines. Town Plaza uses one of the trailers as a Army base and is stored under the Observation Deck. The car features two detachable trailers with rolling wheels, four opening doors, eight chains for holding the trailers in place, and many other features. There is also a lot of writing on the outside, including Army logos and specifications for the car. We have only had a few problems with the Army car. One is that the chains aren't very strong, and can break or get lost very easily. Another is that we have had some problems with the couplers.