E&A Private Car

E&A Private Car
Class:Other Car
Model Number:31001
Road Name:Pennsylvania Railroad
The E&A Private Car provides a place for the President and Vice President of Pennsylvania Railroad to stay and relax while on a train. This luxurious car gives them a kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom, and gives the President of Pennsylvania Railroad a private balcony. It is also used when important or famous people visit the railroad. This car is usually found on the E&A Express Deluxe, pulled by the Pennsylvania Engine and the Stainz Engine. This model features spring loaded doors on the balcony and leading into the car. It also has curtains, blue glass above the curtains, and gold paint work on the outside. It closely resembles the other coaches, but the gold railings, the gold work on the stairs and around the windows, the big windows, the enclosed balconies, and the black roof set the E&A Private Car apart from the rest. We have not had any problems with the E&A Private Car. We hope it will continue to serve the President and Vice President of Pennsylvania Railroad for a long time to come.