Forklift Car

Forklift Car
Class:Freight Car
Model Number:40510
Road Name:None
The Forklift Car provides a way to transport a forklift simply and easily. Its shape also lets things of many shapes and sizes be carried on the long, relatively flat surface of the floor of the forklift car. Right now, it is carrying a forklift, as it was designed to. We haven't put anything else on the forklift car. The Forklift Car can be found on a variety of freight and maintenance trains pulled by a variety of engines. This model was originally designed to carry the model forklift that came with it. The railroad generally keeps the forklift on the car, but sometimes they use it at construction or maintenance projects. The flat car also features lettering on the side, including specifications for the car. It doesn't run under a road name. The forklift car can be used as a flat car, which is used on railroads for many different purposes. They can carry lumber, machinery, or other things. Flat cars come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all do the same thing. We have not had any problems at all with the Forklift Car, and we hope not to.