B&O Searchlight Car

B&O Searchlight Car
Class:Other Car
Model Number:46363
Road Name:Baltimore & Ohio
The Searchlight car greatly helps out maintenance and freight loading or unloading crews. The large lights helps crew see what they're doing. The storage compartment give maintenance crews a place to store their tools. The enclosed cabin can serve as an office or as a planning room. The lights help out on night repair projects that need to be finished quickly or on night loading or unloading of a freight or maintenance train. The searchlight car can be found on a variety of freight and maintenance trains, pulled by a variety of engines. It also is sometimes used as a caboose. This model features two working lights and an opening door on the storage compartment. It also has lettering on the side, including specifications on the car. The searchlight car runs under the "B & O" roadname. We installed the lights inside the cabin and have not had any problems at all with the Searchlight Car.