Crane Car

Crane Car
Class:Other Car
Model Number:40420
Road Name:Matra
The Crane car greatly helps out maintenance and freight loading/unloading crews. The large crane lifts materials of almost any kind to its destination. The large storage compartment give maintenance crews a place to store their tools. Whether its putting rails on ties, or putting boxes on trucks, the crane car helps out a lot. The crane car can be found on a variety of freight and maintenance trains, pulled by a variety of engines. This model features a working crane and opening doors on the storage compartment. It also has lettering on the side, including specifications on the car. Crane cars themselves are used on many railroads and can be found on logging railroads putting logs on cars, or at seaports putting goods on to ships. Crane cars come in many shapes and sizes, but they all do the same thing. We've have not had any problems at all with the Crane Car, and we hope we never will.