Shell Tank Car

Shell Tank Car
Class:Freight Car
Model Number:40402
Road Name:RhB
The Shell Tank Car provides a way to move different types of liquids long distances. Usually used for gasoline, this car can be used to haul almost any kind of liquid, including chemicals. This car can be found on a variety of freight trains, pulled by a variety of engines. The models features handrails and lettering on its sides, including specifications for the car and its cargo. It is under the "Shell" roadname. This tanker also features a working valve system, so you can pour, store, and pump out any liquid when and wherever you want to. The tank car is the standard to haul liquids on a railroad. Tank cars come in many different sizes and shapes, but they all do the same thing. We have not had any problems with the Shell tank car. We've even put some water in a while back, and it still hasn't sprung a leak.