Treasure the Chesapeake Refrigerator Car

Treasure the Chesapeake Refrigerator Car
Class:Freight Car
Manufacturer:USA Trains
Model Number:None
Road Name:None
At 200 miles long, the Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the United States. Surrounded by the states of Maryland and Virginia, the Chesapeake is bounded by mainland North America to its west, the Delmarva Peninsula to its east, and the North Atlantic Ocean to the south. The Bay is a centerpiece ecologically and economically and supports seafood industries, tourism, and recreation. In particular, Chesapeake crabs, clams, and oysters are enjoyed throughout the area.

However, over-harvesting and pollution have damaged the Bay, hurting its ecosystem and related industries. Many government agencies and independent organizations have worked to improve the Chesapeake through government policy, education, and watershed restoration. One of these is the Chesapeake Bay Trust, a non-profit established by the State of Maryland in 1985. Since then, it has awarded over $60 million is grants to support the Bay. The Trust receives no taxpayer dollars; instead, it is supported by donations and sales of a special commemorative license plate available to Maryland motorists. This plate's design is the basis for the Treasure the Chesapeake refrigerator car.

This USA Trains model carries the Treasure the Chesapeake livery and comes finely detailed. The refrigerator car's side doors and roof hatches open and it comes with separate handrails and footholds (not installed in the above picture). The car comes preinstalled with hook-and-loop couplers but separate knuckle couplers are provided; we've left the hook-and-loops for compatibility with most of our rolling stock. The Treasure the Chesapeake car was a special run manufactured by USA Trains for Star Hobby, a hobby shop located near Annapolis, Maryland.