Blue and White Boxcar

Blue and White Boxcar
Class:Freight Car
Model Number:None
Road Name:None
This boxcar gives a lot of space for transporting goods. This car is found on a variety of freight trains, pulled by a variety of engines. This model doesn't have a roadname. It was actually a kit that we built and painted. The model features moving doors, handrails, roof walks, and many other details all over the boxcar. Since this was a kit, we didn't put any lettering on the boxcar. The interior is empty, allowing many things to be placed inside. The boxcar itself is one of the main freight hauling cars on railroads. Railways around the world use it to move goods from one place to another. The only problem we have is that one of the top door holders fell off, but that was our fault, and was easily repaired. Also, since it was a kit, it isn't as sturdy as regular cars, and it has more maintenance than a normal car, but other than that it is a great boxcar.