Dynamite Car

Dynamite Car
Class:Freight Car
Manufacturer:LGB TOYTRAIN
Model Number:94008
Road Name:None
This interesting car can also be very dangerous. Designed to carry an explosive, this car is built to last. The Dynamite car is usually found on a variety of freight trains, pulled by a variety of engines. The model features moving side doors and lettering on the sides, including specifications for the car and its cargo. The car doesn't run under a road name. However, the best feature of this car is its ability to blow up. The car is made up of many pieces, from the sides to the doors to the roof. Just set a spring loaded tab on the "floor" of the car, build the car up on top of it, and hit the bumper, either by stopping its train very quickly or with a wave of your hand. The tab springs up, sending all of the parts of the car flying. It is quite a thing to see. The only problem that we have with the car is the lack of detail, but that doesn't compare to the explosive quality of the Dynamite Car.