The Short Log Cars

The Short Log Cars
Class:Freight Car
Model Number:None
Road Name:None
The Short Log Cars are five cars strong at the railroad. They are used to haul logs from one place to another, and it usually carries three logs. These cars are mainly in a log train with the long log car, pulled by the Shay. This model came with three logs, and it has pillars to help hold them in place. The Long Log Car does not have any lettering or run under a roadname. The log car itself is used for moving logs at many railroads. One of the best examples of log cars at work is at a mountain logging railroad. Here, trees on top of the mountain would be cut down and put on a log car. A Shay would then take the cars down the steep slopes of the mountain. At the bottom, there would generally be a sawmill that would take the logs. Then the Shay would take the empty cars back up the mountain. A lot of these railways have been shut down, with the exception of Cass Scenic Railroad in West Virginia (link to their site is in the Links Page). We haven't had any problems with the Small Log Cars, and we hope that we never will.