RhB Sightseeing Car

RhB Sightseeing Car
Class:Passenger Car
Model Number:3025
Road Name:RhB
The sightseeing car provides a way to get to know the outdoors. The open walls and ceiling give breathtaking panoramas as the fresh air flows past you. The balcony doesn't only serve as an entrance/exit platform, but it also provides a way to take in the scenery as it unfolds before you. This car is usually on the E&A Express Deluxe, which is pulled by the Pennsylvania Engine and the Stainz Engine. The railroad has also done short excursions of the sightseeing car pulled by the Stainz Engine. The metal poles also provide a way to put up signs or other things, such as balloons. We have started putting people into the sightseeing car (as seen in the picture above), but it isn't full. There are plans to put lights in the sightseeing car, but we do not know when that will be. We have no problems with the sightseeing car and it has served the railroad well.