Steam Sound Car

Steam Sound Car
Class:Other Car
Model Number:41352
Road Name:None
The Sound Car gives life to the Stainz Engine. Modeled to look like a boxcar, this car uses the power output levels from the engine to decide how fast to make the steam chuffs. It simply hooks up to the back of the engine. Plus, car lights still work fine. Although you have to install the rear wires yourself, it is simple to do and there is even a special place on the circuit board inside the car to hook the light wires up. The board can be accessed by easily removing the roof, or, if you want to access the volume control, you can just open the door on the right side of the car. This car will most certainly be found right behind the Stainz Engine, which can be usually found behind the Pennsylvania Engine pulling the E&A Express Deluxe. We also sometimes use the Stainz Engine to pull small freight or maintenance trains. This model features opening doors and lettering on the sides, including specifications for the car. It produces only the chuffs, but it blends right in when we use it along side with the Pennsylvania Engine's sound unit.