State of Maine Boxcar

State of Maine Boxcar
Class:Freight Car
Model Number:4067
Road Name:State of Maine
This boxcar gives a lot of space for transporting goods. Usually, the State of Maine boxcar is on the E&A Express Deluxe, pulled by the Pennsylvania Engine and the Stainz Engine. This car also is found on a variety of freight trains, pulled by a variety of locomotives. This model is under the "State of Maine Products" road name. The model features moving doors, handrails, roof walks, and many other details all over the boxcar. There is also a lot of lettering on the outside, including the specifications for the boxcar. The interior is empty, allowing many things to be placed inside. The boxcar itself is one of the main freight hauling cars on railroads. Railways around the world use it to move goods from one place to another. We haven't had any problems at all with the State of Maine boxcar, and hopefully, we never will.