The Platform - Day

This panorama is taken from the middle of the platform during the day. In it, you can see Eric's Auto, both stations, Legoland Fairgrounds, and parts of Town Plaza and the Yard. Also, a large amount of rolling stock is visible. Facing the signal tower and moving left-to-right, you can see the LGB Furka-Oberalp Switcher, the Aristocraft Santa Fe GE U25-B, the LGB Gustav Handcart, the Aristocraft E&A Private Car, the LGB Amtrak, the five Short Log Cars, the Aristocraft Western Maryland Boxcar, the Aristocraft North Western Stock Car, the LGB Long Log Car, and the Blue and White Boxcar.

This area has not changed too much since this panorama was taken in 2003. Eric's Auto has been simplified, but for the most part remains as you see it here. In particular the car wash and car lift complex has been repainted and has had its stickers and handle removed. Most of the changes are visible when looking away from the signal tower. Legoland Fairgrounds and the Cardinal Condos skyscraper are gone, replaced by the Apple Store and its parking lot. The yellowish Fred's Cafe has been relocated, while the dark brown Observation Deck has been moved to the yard.

Many of these changes were in preparation for the upcoming redesign, relocation, and reconstruction of the layout. The buildings were removed because we knew we wouldn't be using them, focusing solely on realistic structures and rejecting the marker-on-cardboard buildings of our past. Legoland Fairgrounds was removed because it had become dilapidated and would have been removed later when the layout was dismantled anyway. The Fairgrounds being gone allows us to keep the layout tidier while it is still in this location.