This panorama is taken from the middle of the turntable. In it, you can see almost all of our locomotives. Sitting in the shed is the LGB Pennsylvania Mogul. Moving right, you can see the LGB Stainz Engine, the Bachmann Shay, the Aristocraft Santa Fe FA-1, the LGB Track Cleaner, the Aristocraft Santa Fe GE-U25B, and the LGB Red Switcher. The LGB TOYTAIN Amtrak is not visible, but it is behind the Santa Fe GE-U25B. The LGB Gustav Handcart is also not present. A bit of the yard and Eric's Auto is also visible.

Since this panorama was made in 2003, the area has seen significant change. The tunnel no longer has this rather ridiculous placement. The tracks the Shay and the Santa Fe FA-1 are on are now enclosed in a large shed; the smaller shed is still in the place depicted in this panorama. The Stainz Engine and the Santa Fe FA-7 have switched tracks, so the Stainz and the Shay are in the large shed. In early 2008, the track the Santa Fe GE-U25B is on was reconfigured to act as a siding connecting the outer look and the track the Red Switcher is on in the panorama. The Red Switcher now sits where the Track Cleaner is in the panorama, and the Track Cleaner now rests on a siding off of the outer loop not far from where the GE-U25B is in the panorama.

Some structures are now different as well. The skyscraper visible above the GE-U25B's cab is gone, as is the rest of SERR School. Finally, the water tower has been moved to the opposite side of the layout. There are also some structures visible behind the water tower that are no longer there, in particular the Holiday Inn skyscraper and the sailboat.
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