SERR Tracks

This panorama is taken next to SERR School, between the inner and outer loops. In it, you can see part of SERR School, WKYZ Studios, part of the inner and outer loops, the signal tower, part of Eric's Auto, the water tower, and the turntable complex. Visible rolling stock includes the LGB Amtrak, the LGB Gustav Handcart, the Aristocraft E&A Private Car, the Aristocraft Santa Fe GE U25-B, and the LGB Track Cleaner.

This area has changed a lot since this panorama was taken in 2003. SERR School is completely gone, as are most of its buildings. The only one remaining are the church and the house, both of which are visible in this panorama. WKYZ Studios is also gone. The area has also seen some minor track reconfigurations. At the turntable, the rather-ridiculously placed tunnel is gone, and in its place is a two-stall roundhouse for the LGB Stainz Engine and the Bachmann Shay. The water tower has been relocated to the opposite side of the layout next to the Crossings.

Many of these changes were in preparation for the upcoming redesign, relocation, and reconstruction of the layout. SERR School and its buildings were removed because we knew we wouldn't be using them, focusing solely on realistic structures and rejecting the marker-on-cardboard buildings of our past. The track reconfigurations made use of large-radius curve track, allowing us to test it out before we make much use of it on the new layout.