This panorama is taken next to our crossings. In it, you can see most of both crossings, the Complex, the Junkyard, part of the Park at Town Plaza, and part of the yard. Visible rolling stock include the LGB TOYTRAIN Amtrak, the LGB Steam Sound Car, the LGB Orange Flat Car, the LGB Shell Tank Car, the LGB RhB Cement Car, and the Aristocraft US Army Piggyback Flat Car. If you look closely, you can also spot the LGB Crane Car, the LGB First Class Pennsylvania Coach, and the LGB TOYTRAIN Lehmann Milk Car.

Since this panorama was made in 2003, the area has seen significant change. The bridge and "lake" are no longer in this rather ridiculous location. In their place is the brown water tower, which is visible in this panorama in its former position behind the bridge. Most of the buildings of SERR School, next to the bue Johnson Dry Goods hardware store, are gone; the church and the house, not visible in this panorama, remain, but not as part of the school. The Complex, in front of the yard, is gone. The Holiday Inn skyscraper and the sailboat, both visible above the Shell Tank Car, are also gone. Above the Junkyard is a billboard for the now-defunct Truck Stop. The Junkyard itself is also gone. It is now a storage area for many model cars and trucks that will be added to the layout once it is redesigned and relocated.
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