The Park at Town Plaza

This panorama is taken from the middle of the inner and outer loop. In it, you can see part of The Complex, the Park at Town Plaza, the Yard, and other parts of Town Plaza. You can also see Legoland Fairgrounds and one of the Stations. The small amount of rolling stock that can be seen includes the Blue and White Boxcar, the LGB Norfolk and Western Hopper Car, either the the LGB Second Class Pennsylvania Coach or the the LGB Second Class Pennsylvania Combine, and the LGB Pennsylvania Caboose.

This area has changed extensively since this panorama was taken in 2003. All of the buildings you can see are gone, with the exceptions of the Cripple Creek Station (the red building to the right of Legoland Fairgrounds), Fred's Cafe (the yellowish building to the right of the Antiques shop), the Observation Deck (above the Antiques shop), and the church at the opposite end of the Park. The Fairgrounds are gone, and its location and the location of the buildings including and in the vicinity of the Antiques shop are now the site of the Apple Store and its parking lot. The Park is still there, though not in as pristine a condition.

Many of these changes were in preparation for the upcoming redesign, relocation, and reconstruction of the layout. The buildings were removed because we knew we wouldn't be using them, focusing solely on realistic structures and rejecting the marker-on-cardboard buildings of our past. Legoland Fairgrounds was removed because it had become dilapidated and would have been removed later when the layout was dismantled anyway. The Fairgrounds being gone allows us to keep the layout tidier while it is still in this location.