Eric's Auto

This panorama is taken from the middle of Eric's Auto. In it, you can see all of Eric's Auto and a little bit of the rest of Amecker Street, including the Stations, Legoland Fairgrounds, Cardinal Condos, and Town Plaza. You can also see parts of the yard and the turntable. Visible rolling stock at the yard includes the LGB First Class Pennsylvania Coach, the Aristocraft Western Maryland Boxcar, and three of the five Short Log Cars. At the turntable, you can see the LGB Gustav Handcart, the Aristocraft Santa Fe GE U25-B, and the Aristocraft E&A Private Car. Also visible is the tower crane we have at the yard.

Since this panorama was taken in 2003, the area has seen many changes. Eric's Auto has seen significant modifications. The "frame" is gone, as are many of the vehicles on the outer edges. The car wash/lift facility has had its stickers and handle removed and has received a fresh coat of white and blue paint. The flimsy Lego gas pumps in front have been removed; new, better pumps will be created for the Eric's Auto at the new layout. The water tower, seen next to the car wash, has been moved to the opposite side of the layout.

The view down Amecker Street has also seen many changes. The sailboat, and Legoland Fairgrounds where it is being exhibited, are now gone. The Cardinal Condos tower, later part of Holiday Inn, is also gone. In their place is a parking lot and the renovated Apple Store. The Apple Store used to be at Town Plaza, which is now much smaller than the version seen in the panorama. Now, instead of the McDonald's and other stores stacked on top of each other, sit Fred's Café and the empty building that used to contain Food Lion.