Town Plaza

This panorama is taken from the middle of Town Plaza. In it, you can see most of Town Plaza, including the Apple Store, the Food Lion, Truck Stop, the Park at Town Plaza, Ritz Camera, and PRR Inn. Visible behind the Park and in front of the Yard's tower crane is the headquarters of NBC 4 WKYZ. No rolling stock can be seen in this panorama, other than one of the trailers from the Aristocraft US Army Piggyback Flat Car.

Since the panorama was made in 2003, this area has seen significant change. PRR Inn had become a Holiday Inn and had acquired and incorporated the Cardinal Condos skyscraper. It is now gone, replaced by the Apple Store and its parking lot. The Apple Store had also been completely redone with an entirely new building, looking nothing like the Apple Store seen in this panorama. The M&M's racecar is currently located next to the new Apple Store. Fred's Cafe is currently in the location occupied by the Apple Store in this panorama. The Food Lion building is now vacant after having been remodeled into a Sears. The buildings on top of it are long gone, as is Truck Stop and Ritz Camera.

Many of these changes were in preparation for the upcoming redesign, relocation, and reconstruction of the layout. The buildings were removed because we knew we wouldn't be using them, focusing solely on realistic structures and rejecting the marker-on-cardboard buildings of our past. Their absence has also allowed us to keep the layout tidier while it is still in this location.