9.15.02 - News Catch-Up - Part 2

New Trees

Three Maple trees have been put around the railroad. One is at SERR School, another is next to the crossing, and the other is next to NBC 4 WKYZ Headquarters. These trees add to our fleet of trees that help the railroad look better. Railroad Beautification and Landscaping is one of the railraod's main departments.

WKYZ Studios

A new building has been put up on Amecker Street. WKYZ Studios handles Good Morning and all of the news programs, including PRR Update, the railroads own news program. The video is sent wirelessly to NBC 4 WKYZ Headquarters for editing and transmission. It has a desk, cameras, and TVs. We built the building out of the box for the trees mentioned above, and then covered it with paper, and filled it up with a wooden box, LGB model scale people, and computer print-outs..