7.18.09 - New Site Launches

Two years to the day after we relaunched E&A Trains, we have refreshed the site's design. While the overall layout, function, and navigation remain the same, the design as a whole is much lighter. The altered layout also provides room for more content even though the site itself has the same width. Because the right-hand column found on most pages has been moved out of the main content area and into its own, we can reclaim previously wasted space for content. The new layout also makes it easier to access subsection pages. For example, the Archive section has subsections for the News Archive, the Rolling Stock Library, and the Building Library. Now, those three subsections are easily accessible from any page in the Archive section. We believe that this updated design will make it easier for E&A Trains to adapt and grow and we will continue to tweak the site as we adjust to our new look.