7.1.09 - More LGB Coming to the United States

Over the weekend, Ron Gibson, head of LGB sales at Walthers, posted a list of the LGB products being delivered soon. On the list is a wide variety of track pieces and accessories. Smoke units, wheel sets, figures, Multi-Train System units, and catenary parts are all among the items on their way. Various pieces of rolling stock are also on their way. Included are the 21423 RhB Ge4/4 III UNESCO diesel locomotive, the 24841 Rugen steam locomotive, RhB and DR passenger cars from various epochs, and three different RhB COOP container cars. Gibson didn't give a timeframe for delivery but did say that the items were on their way. He also said that an LGB shipment received a week earlier had been 95% sold out to LGB retailers.

In other LGB news, we've recently noticed that both lgb.com and lgb.de now go to the current LGB website. Previously, the addresses went to holding pages run by Silvergate Distrubtors, LGB's previous American distrutor, and directed visitors either to Silvergate's website or to Marklin's. The current LGB website is still available via its original address, lgb-bahn.de. While this change is certainly a sign of progress, the site is still only available in German and has a very limited amount of information. One feature of the old LGB site that we'd like to see return is the very useful database of new and old LGB items.