7.10.09 - New Building

A new building has arrived at the layout, in the style of a traditional downtown building with two connected spaces. The structure has two stories, though it is at a slightly smaller scale than most of the items on our layout. The building has no back wall, so we will have to build either our own back wall or an extension to the building. The latter would give the building a more realistic depth. There is also no built-in second floor so we would need to add that as well in order to outfit the structure's interior.

The building is unpainted save for the second-floor window frames, so we're looking into how we might want to decorate the building. Most of the building is brick but there is also a variety of other materials in use. Some ideas floated for possible occupants include a bakery/restaurant (perhaps a new location for the currently MIA Fred's Cafe) and an art gallery. We have not considered a location for the building on the layout or an estimated date of installation.