6.11.09 - News Bites: Aristo Trucks and LGB Schedules

We have installed new trucks on our Aristocraft "Sierra" Pennsylvania Railroad passenger car. Replacements for newer versions of our car, these trucks pick up track power which we are using for the interior lights. Previously, power had to come from the locomotive. Now, this car can power the lights in all of our coaches, eliminating the need for a compatible locomotive adjacent to the coaches. We are preparing an article which will go over the installation, including the resolution of a serious malfunction we had with the trucks.

Also, LGB has uploaded the June revision of their 2009 Planned Delivery Dates document. Only two products are slated for release this month: the 24410 SBB Tractor Tm 598 and the 24900 "Park Train" Diesel Loco". Scheduled for the third quarter of 2009 is the first North American rolling stock LGB has made in the years since Lehmann became insolvent and its assets were sold to Marklin. When those products actually show up in North American remains to be seen.