5.16.02 - The World Train Departs

The World Train as a train that will be circling the globe on Pennsylvania's tracks. It left now and will take about two weeks to go around the world. The train will ride on ground tracks, over valleys, through mountains, and underneath oceans. The Santa Fe Bulldog is leading this train followed by, in order, the Western Maryland boxcar, the Shell tank car, the Lehmann Milk tank car, the first class coach, the first class combine, the second class coach, the second class combine, and the caboose. The boxcar is for luggage and supplies and the tank cars will carry gas and milk for the trip. The Railroad President, Vice President, Head of the PRR Safety Board, and The Head of Railroad Maintenance will be on the train. Accompanying them will be news reporters from around the world and national consultants from many countries. There will be a follow-up when the World Train returns.