4.16.09 - Park At Town Plaza Redone

A nighttime LGB Amtrak train speeds past the new park

We have completely redone the Park at Town Plaza. What was once a neglected stretch of elevated sidewalks and dilapidated fencing is now a clean and pristine field of grass with lighting, stone edging, and a brick and wrought-iron front gate.

The new park is located in the same space but does away with the convoluted and cramped system of elevated walkways. All of that is replaced by a much simpler layout. A gate marks the west end of the rectangular park, which opens up to an expanse of grass frequently populated by ducks and the sounds of passing trains. The area is illuminated at night by four street lamps. The gate also has lights. At the park's eastern end, there is a gazebo with a bench as well as restrooms.

The gate, lamps, and bicycles are new additions to the layout. They are items from K-Mart's line of Christmas village products and are powered by battery. The gazebo is a repurposed bird feeder. The rocks, ducks, restrooms, and grass were already on the layout. The park's northern boundary is marked by the outer loop of track on our layout. The western boundary is the rear wall of the Apple Store. The southern boundary is a staircase and the eastern is a wall.

The gate at the west end of the new park
The right side of the gate
Looking west, ducks on the park's grass area
Bicycles inside the park's gate
The gazebo and restrooms at the east end of the new park at night
One of the new lights