4.2.09 - LGB: An End and a Beginning

Yesterday, the sad news broke that Märklin's Nuremberg offices had closed, ending LGB's 41-year presence in the German city. With the closure, all former Lehmann employees working for Märklin lost their jobs. We'd been in contact with some of them when we ordered replacement parts for our LGB Genesis and LGB Pennsylvania Mogul and they were nothing if not friendly and helpful. Yesterday was also the beginning of Märklin's insolvency hearings in a Göppingen court.

On a happier note, Ron Gibson, the head of LGB Sales at Walthers, has announced on the LGB Family Forum that the first container of LGB products destined for American retailers was unloaded at Walthers headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on March 31, with another on the way. This first shipment has LGB track items.