3.20.09 - Power Station 8 Sent In for Repair

We run our layout with MRC's Command 2000 DCC system and use their Power Station 8 booster to allow us to run more trains at a higher speed than the Command 2000 alone could provide. Recently, we began experiencing layout-wide short-outs, most notably when using our new LGB Amfleet cars. We've sent our Power Station 8 to MRC for repair.

When using an Amfleet car with its interior lights on, the Command 2000's "Run Mode" would often not start, instead showing the characteristics of a layout-wide short with nothing on the layout operable. If we turned the car's lights off or lifted the car off the tracks and then put it back, things would be fine for a while. Eventually though, the trains would suddenly stop with everything inoperable again. After troubleshooting, we found that there would be no problem if we ran the system with the Amfleets' lights off or without the Power Station 8.

Through online inquiries and through correspondence with MRC, it appears that our Power Station 8 has a faulty circuit breaker. We've sent it to MRC's location in New Jersey for repair.