3.10.14 - Layout Reconfigured

We recently completed a comprehensive downsizing of our layout. With much of our rolling stock now in a dedicated storage area when not in use, we realized devoting a substantial portion of our layout to an empty yard was wasteful. We also wanted to reconfigure the layout to provide more walking space around the layout.

Now, the track loops define the layout's boundaries and all buildings are within the loops. The loops themselves are roughly the same size, though the sides are no longer parallel; the station side is now at a slight diagonal. Some switches have been removed, but they were redundant and no functionality has been lost.

A small yard—more for show than functionality—now sits where SERR School and the Johnson Dry Goods hardware store once were. Where the yard used to be is now where our town is, consisting of the stations, the hardware store, the Apple Store, a church, a house, and other railroad structures.